How to make your property listing pop on AirBnB

Propel your earnings from people staying over.

Whether you own that one-bedroom flat or multiple properties on the coast of Cornwall, renting out a property on Airbnb requires substantial time and commitment if you want to make money and reach the right customers.

Or do you want the best advice on what property is most appropriate for your UK getaway budget?

Earn from your property without the stress, and maximise your rental income with hassle-free hosting managed by short, mid and long-letting experts.

What is property management?

At HelloGuest, we deliver advice, consultancy and Airbnb management across all types of residential property for a client base of institutions, developers and property owners around the UK.

Our team cover every aspect of all types of letting lengths to anticipate and provide for guest needs with expert service.

What’s vital for our team is to build successful relations with property owners.

HelloGuest recognises and reinforces the importance of replenishing and updating essential items and housekeeping, which saves the hassle of doing this yourself. More Here. is a great place to start: 02034886935

 What do they provide?

For owners:

  • Professional Housekeeping – we ensure your property with professional housekeepers
  • Property cleaning to immaculate standards
  • Replenishment of new amenities
  • Recommend insurances specific to your property.Advice here.
  • No contract commitment, lock in or notice periods.

For Customers:

  • Knowledge of selected property
  • Provide a portfolio of holiday homes in the UK
  • Ensure smooth booking service

Using this type of management can no doubt guarantee returns and achieve five-star reviews on your listing.

You are making your listing a clear choice to the customer.


What do customers look for?

Often guests are very selective when looking for the right property.

Most tourists say amenities and cleanliness are a top priority for a great trip; properties now have to ensure that they add and update their amenities to their property to stand out.

Choosing an Airbnb management service will provide this for you.

Have a look at what customers value most when searching for accommodations. Here.

Where to start:

When searching for the best management service for you, ensure to ask the company about the full range of services that would be more suited to your property.

It would also be wise to preview current properties that are being managed to understand your expectations better.

There are many service branches across the UK with specialists on call to respond to your enquiries.

Don’t miss out on the hundreds of property owners that have already chosen to use an Airbnb management service to keep you and the customer happy.

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Missing Teeth Increase The Risk Of Insomnia

A Study: Missing Teeth & Sleep Problems

According to a new Japanese study, those who care better for their teeth are less likely to suffer from any insomnia related problems or sleep apnea.

The research was published in the journal Sleep Medicine discovered that patients who had fewer missing teeth experienced less-than-optimal insomnia.

The cause of this is missing teeth and how they affect the tongue’s ability to properly rest in the mouth.

Therefore, researchers have concluded that the inability of the tongue to rest is compromised by missing teeth, which can cause sleep apnea.

Diving into the details

Researchers from Tohoku University conducted a study on 23,444 elderly participants who were randomly selected. The average age was 73.

“The finding that older adults with fewer teeth had both shorter and longer sleep durations indicate that these individuals may be suffering from OSA,” they wrote.

The study uncovered the fact that elderly people who have less than 10 teeth more often than not do get the recommended seven hours of sleep per night.

Some, according to researchers, only get four hours of sleep a night.

The particular age group of the over 60s are particularly vulnerable.

Time to visit the dentist?

The researchers also made the point that in order to prevent tooth-related obstructive sleep apnea, it’s critical for people of all ages to implement correct dental habits.

More than this, if you have a missing tooth, it’s recommended to get this replaced with advanced treatments like dental implants in order to avoid an array of detrimental health consequences.

If you experience tooth loss with several teeth and are worried there is nothing that can be done to help you, you might want to check out procedures like all on four, which can replace missing teeth in one go, and in just one day.

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