Sleep disorders affect nearly all the population at some time in their lives. Hypnotherapy is a fast and safe method to help you get a good nights rest, essential for good health and well being.

Occasional trouble sleeping is rarely cause for concern but when thoughts and feelings flood your mind and keep you worrying you feel doomed to face yet another sleepless night. By believing you cannot sleep, it will affect your mental state and will cause you to be unable to sleep.

Sleeplessness can be caused by:

  • Consuming too much caffeine or alcohol.
  • Strenuous physical or mental activity, emotional conversations or challenging work
  • Daytime napping can affect night time relaxation.

How you can be affected

You feel restless and lie awake for hours before finally drifting into a light sleep.

You fall asleep promptly, then awaken later with your mind racing, then thrash around restlessly for the rest of the night.

You drift in and out of sleep all night long, arising in the morning exhausted.

How hypnotherapy can help

Sleeplessness responds very well to hypnosis. Deep relaxation and hypnotic suggestion help to promote sleep and allow the body to recover faster and the mind to become more focused on tasks in hand during the day. Following the hypnotherapy session you will leave feeling very relaxed and with the skills to regain control over your sleep patterns. Learning self-hypnosis techniques can help to resolve problems; and in the process provide you with the tools you need to handle future problems in a less stress producing manner.


If you have trouble sleeping, there are many self help techniques to aid you in overcoming your difficulty.

It’s important to determine that specific deterrents to sleep may be present in your diet, habits or surroundings.

After making any lifestyle changes that you can, hypnotic suggestion can help you minimize or disregard those that you can not.