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CBT is a form of psychotherapy or counselling. It is cognitive behavioural in nature but is not a stand-alone therapy, merely one form of psychological therapy. Some CBT practitioners are only qualified in CBT, but many psychotherapists and counsellors are qualified in the provision of a range of models, including CBT. As they say, if all you have is a hammer, all you see is nails. We suggest you choose therapists with other skills too like ourselves.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for sleep disorders

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Training, or CBT / CBC as it is usually known, is a special form of psychological therapy. Like Life Coaching, personal development training or NLP, it is often provided in a training format. Therefore some practitioners may consider themselves “clinical counsellors” who provide CBT, others may prefer to consider themselves “trainers” who empower their clients while still working through deeper issues. As mentioned, some practitioners are only qualified in CBT. We however are trained in a range of methods, including CBT and therefore provide a range of counselling models.

This web page is not meant to give an in-depth or technical description, but instead a basic idea for the layperson considering CBT / CBC.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a very practical form of therapy. Like Life Coaching it aims to make discernible changes in a client’s behaviour and lifestyle in order to help them.

CBT is widely recognised as a scientifically tested and verified psychotherapeutic method of overcoming common emotional problems.

With CBT you identify errors in the way you may be thinking or perceiving things, and from there learning to adopt more helpful thoughts, attitudes, philosophies and beliefs.


In lay-mans terms this is our perception and identification of things around us. We may have faulty perception for a number of reasons. This may for example be due to obsession or trauma colouring the way we see things.


This is simply the way be act, behave and react to what we have already noticed going on around us. Again we can learn to act inappropriately for a number of reasons, often again because of trauma or obsession.

Sleep Therapy

The process of understanding, relearning and retraining in order to change these errors from occurring and having a negative impact on us. Care is taken to have a non-judgmental attitude. The client is helped to challenge their own perceptions and behaviours. It is most certainly NOT about the therapist telling you how to act and think!

What to expect from Cognitive Behavioural therapy & psychotherapy 
You will be encouraged to examine, challenge and understand your perceptions and behaviours. Where appropriate you will be set exercises and challenges to help you change these for more positive thoughts and behaviours.

It is quite normal to expect “homework” from your therapist. Indeed Stuart uses his own award winning training pack with clients, formulated from real life practice over more than 12 years.

We are integrative therapists, and therefore CBT will be offered as part of a therapy package tailored to your needs, usually using a range of other therapy models from counselling and psychotherapy. Life coaching, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, meditation and complementary therapies are also available.